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Step into

my life of art

and design,  

where creativity flows and imagination

runs wild.


As a passionate

graphic designer,

I bring my visions to life

with stunning designs and

vibrant colour palettes.  



Let's collaborate and create 

something truly unique together. 

With love, Vicky.

Hello there!

I'm Victoria Saracino, a 25-year-old designer based in Canada. I'm fluent in Spanish and English and have entry-level proficiency in French. 

My expertise lies in digital media production, content creation, and UX design. I have experience in community management, photography, copywriting, creative content development, and design skills. 

I'm dedicated in what I do and believe that communication and teamwork are crucial to success. With a strong work ethic and creative problem-solving skills, I'm committed to delivering reliable and honest work every time. 

Thank you for taking the time to explore my work,

and I hope it inspires you to pursue your passions

and creative endeavours.



Are you ready to turn

your vision into design?


Get in touch with me!

Thanks for submitting!

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